Happy Father’s Day

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Dear God,

I thank you for this day. Thank you for gracing us with your one and only Son Jesus. I am grateful for your precious gift. Lord, I thank you for your sons here on Earth and for those who you have called home. Today is not an easy day for many of your children so Lord I have come as I am asking that your hands will rest upon each and everyone of your children. Every hurt, pain and tear, we surrender unto you. Your word reminds us that you are a “ father to the fatherless, a defender of widows” (Psalm 68:5) You are the greatest comforter. You are our source of peace. I pray for anyone reading this that you will find rest in Christ alone. For as many whose father’s are alive but are absent in their lives, I ask their Lord for your love and forgiveness to overflow in their relationship. Lord, I ask that they will reconcile with their Father’s. Let your will be done. For those whose father’s are present, may they cherish every moment with their fathers. For those whose father’s are no longer here with them, may your hands touch their hearts. May they experience your love in a deeper and fresh way daily. Father, I pray and ask that you will raise up a generation of men who will be leaders in their home but also in every areas of their lives; men who aren’t afraid of praying and professing your word. Heavenly Father, I ask that you will strengthen your sons. I ask that you will shoulder their burdens and draw them closer to your presence. May they have intimacy with you all the days of their lives. May they never lose sight of who you are. I pray that you will give each of your sons peace, wisdom and knowledge in every decision that they have to make. Your word remind us that “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7).  Father, I thank you every one of your sons. May you bless and sustain them each and every day of their life. In Jesus name, Amen.

With love,

Your Child

 Happy Father’s Day to every father around the world. You are loved. You are appreciated. You are special. Have a wonderful day. God loves you 🙂

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” ~Joshua 24:15


Start Reading!

Education doesn’t end in the classroom. The month of April is almost over. What book are you currently reading? So for me, I am reading “Through The Eyes Of A Lion” by Levi Lusko. He shared his testimony while I attended Hillsong Church. It was a blessing and it led me to purchase his book immediately. I bought his book in November 2016 and I’m now reading it. Why? Well I was in college. Though I read while in college, I didn’t get to read this precious book. I’m almost finished. It’s a sad book but yet contains so many nuggets. The books enlisted are the ones I’ve read for the past three months. I’m getting my book ready for the Month of May. God is doing a new thing. My word for this year is Consistency. I will stay focused and not lose sight of what God is doing in my life and around me. It’s very important for us to read. There’s always something to learn when we expand our horizons. You learn so much through other people’s experiences. You don’t always have to wait to be in the situation to have knowledge on how to approach it. There are people who have been through the trials we have faced. They don’t write to share their experiences just for the sake of it. They write to help us when we are also faced with a similar trial. Many times, we can take reading for granted. We don’t value it. If it’s not a requirement for a college assignment, we don’t consider it to be a priority. As a child, my father would always take us to the library to pick up a book. He always taught me the importance of having a dictionary. When you don’t understand a word, look in the dictionary. When you read, you enhance your vocabulary. Though, I don’t always pick up a dictionary, I google the word to get the meaning. I admit that they have been times when I just overlook the word but for the most part, I carry the words my father taught me as a child. So my suggestion for you today is consider reading a book every month, If you haven’t started, it’s not too late. Look for a book on Amazon or pick up a book at your library. Join the fun and adventure :).

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Feel free to leave any book recommendations for me. Jesus loves you. Have a lovely day 🙂


Let’s Talk: Friendships

Friends: Rosa Guy. One of my favorite childhood books. #memories

Questions for the day:

  1.             What is your definition of a friend?
  2.             Who are your friends?
  3.             Why are they your friends?
  4.             Are you guys growing emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually?

Before we can even begin talking about someone being a friend to us, it is vital that we ask ourselves this question “Am I a friend? Sometimes, it is so easy for us to want others to be good friends to us but the truth of the matter is that sometimes we are not good friends to them. It is important that we evaluate ourselves and those we surround ourselves with. We are reminded in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that, Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” You can’t expect to grow when you are constantly hanging around people who aren’t nurturing or willing to see you grow. You might have been friends with certain people for a long period of time but as time passed, you realized that your relationship with that person started to drift apart. As much as you have talked to that person about the distant changes, you still see no changes in your relationship. To be honest, at this point you need to understand that the season that person was in your life is over. Yes, there are instances that people who drift apart can reconnect later on down the line but it is very important to let that person go.  It is very important for you to be aware of the people you are hanging around with because they can aid or hinder in your growth as an individual. Many times, we start to develop some of the bad habits and characteristic traits our friends have without knowing it. Until someone stops us in our tracks, we will continue to cultivate these habits. Understand that it is okay to re-evaluate your circle. As you continue to grow, you’ll grow apart from certain people naturally. This does not mean that they weren’t good friends but you’ll come to understand that everyone serves a purpose in your life. Some people are in your life for a season and others for a lifetime. The people you surround yourself with can be a reflection of who you are to a certain degree.

Characteristics To Look For In A Friend:

  1. Respectful
  2. Genuine
  3. Compassionate
  4. Supportive
  5. Forgiving
  6. Iron Sharpens Iron
  7. Encouraging
  8. Loyal
  9. Good Listener
  10. Trustworthy
  11. Understanding
  12. Non- Judgemental
  13. Honest
  14. Humorous
  15. Empathetic
  16. Goal Oriented
  17. Hard working
  18. Gentle
  19. Outgoing
  20. Down To Earth

Types of Friendships:

  1. Godly Friendships: Christ Based; Self-less (Purpose driven)
  2. Worldly Friendships: Focused On Self (If you do this for me, then I will do the same for you. It’s more of a competition than willingness to see each other grow.

Categories/Classifications In Friendships

According to author S. L. Young, there are individuals within our social circles, who aren’t necessary our friends but are as follows:

  1. Acquaintance or Associate: there is familiarity with someone, but there isn’t a personal relationship.
  2. Appendage: friendly because there’s a possibility that an individual’s success will help them.
  3. Conditional: a requirement placed on a relationship that’s dependent on a certain need being met.
  4. Counterfeit: gives the impression of being a friend, but isn’t someone who can be trusted.
  5. Evaluative:  determines the significance of a relationship based on the last thing(s) provided or done.
  6. Fair-Weather: disappears during a time of need, but will return once a bad time or situation passes;
  7. Leech: drains an individual of their energy, essence, or desire to move forward;
  8. Occasional: friendly during certain times, but suddenly stops being friendly without any reason or notice. At a later time, the person will be friendly (again) on their terms.
  9. Negative: considers themselves to be a friend, but is always pessimistic about things related to the friendship or the things that their friend does.
  10. Noncommittal: goes back-and-forth on their belief(s), support, assistance, etc.
  11. Situational: an individual suddenly becomes friendly once a certain event occurs that there might be a personal benefit.
  12. Spiteful: jealous of someone’s efforts to achieve or actual success;
  13. Toxic: gives an impression of providing support, but actively works to undermine their efforts.

After reading this, do you identify yourself with some of these characteristic traits? If so, what are some ways you are willing to change?

Are you the type of friend you are looking for in a friend?

What are some ways you can grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

What category would you place your friendships? (Godly or Worldly)

Are you afraid to talk to your friends about God? If so, why not?

Do your friendships glorify God?

Are your friendships comprised of gossiping, negativity and etc?

Before reading this post, did you know the difference between worldly/Godly friendships?

Lessons Learned In My Personal Walk (Friendships)

  1. Your friends from high school aren’t necessary going to be your buddies forever.
  2. You will drift apart from certain friends. It hurts but later on, you’ll understand that the dynamic of your friendships have changed. This doesn’t mean that they are bad people but understanding that their season in your life is over.
  3. Learn to prioritize. If people don’t prioritize you, you don’t have to do the same. So pretty much if you are always the one reaching out and trying to maintain a friendship and the other person isn’t making effort, learn to take a seat. Reach out to them but don’t continue to stretch yourself out to the point where you get worn out. Do your friends only call you when they need something? Express how you feel about your friendship. If you see the same patterns, it is a sign that it’s time to let go.
  4. Learn to pray/reach out to your friends. Just because you text someone and they say that “they are fine” doesn’t always mean they are. Do your best to check up on them even though they may not do it as often as you do. If you can, call them or meet up if you can.
  5. Not everyone has the same heart as you. What you are willing to do for others may not necessary mean they are willing to do the same for you.
  6. Learn to communicate how you feel to your friends and those you love. Express your thoughts in regards to a situation. If you feel that what your friend say or did to you was hurtful, let them know. Don’t walk around like it’s cool because you want to squash the situation.
  7. Confrontation is good. It isn’t as bad as many people think of it. It’s all about how you say things and approach it. It’s also important to know the person you are dealing with. I will definitely say from experience that when you are going to meet a person that you have a problem with or haven’t seen in a while, pray about it. “Lord I come before you as I am. I lift Moriah into your hands. I thank you for this meeting we will have. I pray that your presence will be at our meet-up. Help me to speak in love. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen
  8. Your friends (friends) aren’t necessarily your friends.
  9. Understand that some people are seasonal types of friends. They played a purpose in your life and that’s what matters. Perspective is key. The longer you prolong someone’s season in your life, the more you miss the purpose the were in your life. Some friends drift apart naturally. Other times, you have be the person to separate from them.
  10. Know your friends. Understand that just because you are willing to call someone or check up on your friends every week doesn’t mean they are willing to do the same. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t your friends. You just have to understand that life happens. We all have responsibilities and as much as it will be great for your friends to check up on your as least once or twice or month, let’s be honest that we have friends who reach out once every 3 months.
  11. Listen to what people are saying but also listen to what they are not saying. One of the greatest advice that someone gave me. People will talk but their action will speak louder than their words.
  12. Be careful who you share your information with. Do you find yourself always sharing your information with your friends but they never share anything with you? Like the only information you know about them is their name, favorite color and their nationality?
  13. Learn to spend time with yourself. It’s okay to spend time in your own company. It’s not every day be around people. Even though this was not a problem for me, I find that quite a lot of people struggle with spending time alone.
  14. Understand that you can’t have friends exclusively for you. It’s interesting because someone I know mentioned that sometimes it hard for her because she doesn’t have friends that are exclusively her friends. Either the person she wants to be friends with is already friends with her friends. If that’s the case, go on and get to know people. Join organizations. Pray and allow God to bring people your way.
  15. As life goes, friendships will require more work. Those who are meant to be your friends will be, no matter how challenging life gets. Just like any relationship, it takes work. Your friendships should be natural. You don’t force it. From experience, I always try to maintain friendships. I’ve always had this type of mentality that no matter what season we are in, summer or winter, we are in it forever. So if that means I’m going to forgive you to maintain this friendship, then fine. Overtime, I’ve learned that you can’t continue to maintain friendships with people who aren’t willing to do the same. Friendship is a two way street, not a one way path. 🙂
  16. There are levels to friendship. Man, I just learned this concept this year. My friend will say this in our conversations but I just didn’t get it. For me, if your my friend, (your my friend). I don’t place you in no category. I didn’t understand it until my male friend mentioned the same thing as my female friend. My sister will say not everyone has keys to her hotel. Some people belong in the lobby, the parking lot and etc. This concept will really help you to understand that not everyone has the key to your heart. So my male friend described it as follows. (Level 1 Friendships: People you meet and have a conversation with (nothing deep). Level 2 Friendships: These people know things about you. They have met your family. If you didn’t have a place to live and needed a place to stay for like 3 months, you’ll be fine with it. Level 3 Friendship: These type of friendships are brotherly/sisterly love. You have a good relationship with these people. They are there for you. If you didn’t have a place to live and wanted to stay with them for a year, it is completely fine with them.
  17. Not everyone you encounter is meant to be a part of your life. Some encounters must stop at hello.
  18. Never stop being who you are because how people have treated you in the past.
  19. Make room in  your heart for the people God will bring in your life. Not everyone that comes in your life is there to hurt you but everyone serves a purpose in your life.
  20. Celebrate. Encourage. Reach Out. Pray for your friend’s at all times. Live, love, laugh and cherish every moment 🙂

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do hope that you can take away one or two things from this post. Have a lovely day 🙂

PC: Book: Friends (Rosa Guy)



Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years

  1. Life is a journey. You live and you learn.
  2. Write in your journal more often.
  3. Learn to spend with yourself. You don’t have to go everywhere with someone just because they send you a text asking if you can go somewhere with them.
  4. Time is an essence. A precious gift, you can never get back.
  5. Your friend’s (friends) aren’t necessarily your friends.
  6. Seek God in all your earthly doings. Cultivate a relationship with God. Sweet oh Jesus.
  7. Know your worth. Don’t settle for anything. (You are an asset. Know what you bring to the table. You are an addition to someone’s life, not a subtraction. If they don’t appreciate you, that’s their problem. “Sister’s Advice to Me”
  8. Understand that some friends are in your life for a season. People grow apart and though it’s painful, such is life.
  9. Don’t be afraid to venture out to try new things. Get out of your comfort zone.
  10. Spend time with your family. Create memories with them. Take lots of pictures & Record videos with them. Interview your parents. Ask them about their childhood/advice they would give to their younger self. It’s been amazing doing this so trust me, make the most out of it. Like my mom/dad says “Life is too short”. We are alive by God’s grace so make the most out of each day you are granted 🙂
  11. Waking up in the morning is a gift/testimony despite how you are feeling. Someone didn’t wake up. Be grateful.
  12. Every trial that we face in this lifetime serves as a purpose. Though we may not understand every situation, there is always a lesson if we pay attention.
  13. Be careful who you share your information with. Not everyone has a good interest at heart.
  14. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh often.
  15. Don’t give people the power over you.
  16. Continue being yourself. Kind you are. Caring you are. Never change who you are because of how people have treated you.
  17. Save your money. This is not something that was difficult for me because I love to save but it may be a reminder to someone else.
  18. Speak life into your situation. Pray about everything. I mean everything. Get in the position where you can pray at all times. God is listening. He is closer than you think.
  19. Prioritize. If people don’t prioritize you, you don’t have to do the same for them.
  20. Don’t stress over things. Things will eventually work out for you. God has your back.
  21. Read books. Never stop educating yourself outside of the classroom.
  22. Stay Focused On Your Goals. Don’t make excuses because time surely flies and before you know it, all that you had set for yourself has not been accomplished.
  23. Embrace the season your’e in. Nothing is permanent. Continue to live, love, learn. Be your authentic self 🙂

Cheers to what lies ahead of us all. Have a lovely day 🙂 xoxo

A Day To Remember


Where do I even start? I mean where do I really begin to share this part of my journey with you all. So yesterday, I graduated from college. All I can say is Glory Be To God. It been a long journey being in college but despite the obstacles and storms, I made it. Class of 2017, we made it. Yesterday begun with me waking up at 5:00am. I wanted to have time to get ready for my special day. Woke up only to realize that it was pouring outside. It seems to me that it rains on special occasions. I don’t know but that’s something I have realized. Despite the rain, I got ready for graduation. I love to start off my day by praying and committing everything into God’s hands. After my time with the Lord, I made sure that I picked up my pronunciation card, my cap and gown, camera and etc.

Walked outside only to realize that it was raining harder than before. I placed my cap and gown in a bag to prevent it from being wrinkled. My family was ready so that was a great start. Prayed and headed out to graduation. For some reason, I started tearing in the car. I couldn’t believe that today was seriously my graduation day. The thought of missing my friends, the people who have made an impact on my life, the organizations on campus, and the people I met along the journey. Have you ever cried but no one realizes that you were crying? For the most part, that’s what usually happens but for some reason, my sister noticed and she handed me a tissue. It was getting real for me. It took as approximately 25-30 minutes to react the designated location that my graduation was going to take place. There was so much traffic and it was raining even more. Many of the graduates had to get out in the middle of traffic to cross the street because we had to be at the place at 7:30am because graduation was going to start at 9:00am.

When we arrived, the graduates had a location to stand. The doors were suppose to open at 7:30am but they were delaying. Once, it opened we had to go through metal detectors. Water bottles weren’t allowed along with other items. It was a long process but eventually we got in. I really liked how every graduate had a line to stand at depending on their majors. It made it easier for everything to flow. The only thing I didn’t like so much was that we waited on line until 9:00 before we walked into the auditorium. I still enjoyed every moment taking pictures with my classmates and exchanging words.

Upon our entrance to the commencement, we were escorted to our seats. It was such a beautiful feeling seeing how the auditorium was packed. The lights, the smiles on people’s face was a sight to see. We sat down and announcements were made. We had to stand up to sing the national anthem and then we sat down. It was really amazing to see that 98% of my graduating class designed their caps. My heart was filled with Joy. The speeches were decent. No extremely long speeches. It was straight to the point.

First, the college of arts was introduced. There were so many graduated from this department. It was remarkable. Then came the college of education and human services which was the department I belong to along with my classmates. #TeamPublicHealth. Ayeee. I’m still here thinking about how amazing yesterday’s commencement was astounding. A day I will always remember. The joy and radiance of seeing my classmates alongside with friends go on stage to be recognized for the accomplishments. I was afraid that my last name was going to be butchered but it wasn’t at all. I was all smiles when I got on stage. I waved at the camera and proceeded to take my seat after. It was interesting some of the things that people did as they walked across the stage. It was too funny. Overall, yesterday was beyond a blessing. I was grateful that my friends, family, loved ones and even a bus driver from college who came to support me on this day. This day was a testimony my mouth cannot contain. All glory be to God. I’m thankful for everyone God allowed me to cross paths in this journey of life. This is just the beginning of what is yet to come. God is good. Faithful Is Here. No matter where you may be in your life, never give up. Seek God in all your Earthly doings. With him, all things are possible.

Verses That Helped Me Along The Journey.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. -Psalm 32:8

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. -Jeremiah 29:11

Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame. -Psalm 34:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight. -Proverbs 3:5-6

God has been Good. In all things, give thanks unto him. Celebrate your shortcomings. Don’t compare yourself with others. God has a purpose for where you are right now. Embrace the season you are in and the people he has placed in your life. There is a purpose to every encounter. Cheers to what the future holds. Greater is ahead of you. Until next time, stay blessed & encouraged. 🙂





Creative Souls

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Hi guys. I hope all of you are doing well. Today, I’m coming to you guys with something new. I don’t about you all but I know that I love me some Youtube. I enjoy watching different channels on youtube whether it’s pertaining to Bible study, natural hair, fashion look books, or advice, there’s always something to learn. Below, I have listed all the amazing channels I follow on Youtube that are really good. The list is not in any particular order. Please do take the time, to check out these channels.

  1. Vanessa Abena
  2. Fusion of Cultures (Laila)
  3. Yolanda Renee
  4. Faceovermatter
  5. Faceoverbye
  6. Leahsessence
  7. TrulyJulia
  8. Livenaturallylove
  9. TheRoseLook (Natural Hair + Vlogs)
  10. Evelyn From The Internets
  11. Feyin
  12. Naptural85 (Natural Hair + Family)
  13. Abigail Kwakye (Natural Hair + Lifestyle + Great Advice)
  14. Mahogany Curls (Natural Hair Queen)
  15. Queen Suzie (Weave + Makeup + God)
  16. Alissa Ashley
  17. Amber Ansah
  18. Delsy Daf (Life Advice + Fashion)
  19. Belle Michelle
  20. AfriQueens
  21. Allthingsfabulous101
  22. Petite-Sue Divinitii (Makeup Queen*)
  23. Razorempress ( Natural Hair*)
  24. Jacinta Nwabuogu
  25. Priscilla Shirer (Bible Study. Her books are phenomenal)
  26. Onelachurch
  27. Elevation Church ( My love)
  28. Godzdesign
  29. Zoe Siobhan
  30. David Ella
  31. Joseph Solomon
  32. Rosemary Ese Godwin
  33. Gabes & Ana
  34. Dephne Madyara
  35. Kence
  36. Lauren Legato
  37. Practicing Reul
  38. Araba Dadzie
  39. Nana Nyasha
  40. SunkissAlba
  41. Lex & Jay
  42. Aluel Bol Kuanyin
  43. Shameless Maya
  44. AdannaDavid
  45. Ms Britney M
  46. AfroMinaj
  47. TeamSwoduel (Marriage + Life) 🙂
  48. Terroll & Nakita (Relationship + Makeup + Life) 🙂
  49. #lokkedIn (Casssie & Karl Lokko) 🙂
  50. MsNerdyChica (Fashionista)
  51. Abenalove (Fashionista + Ghana vlogs)
  52. Kiitanaxo
  53. Glamtwinz334
  54. Bria Larine (Natural Hair)
  55. Ashanti _empress
  56. Shelcy & Christy
  57. Mahoganysessions
  58. SimInspired
  59. Patricia Bright
  60. ChiakaValentine (Natural Hair + Family)
  61. StyledbyKami
  62. Maame Hayfron (Natural Hair + Medical School)
  63. TheSkinDeep
  64. Evan Carmichael
  65. ChocolateBlackDoll
  66. Sheila Ndinda
  67. Cydnee Black
  68. Lewis Love and Family
  69. Peakmill
  70. Halfrican Beaute (Relationships + Natural Hair + College Life)
  71. Adede (Lifestyle + Fashion + Advice about Ghana)
  72. Amber Martin
  73. Lydia Dinga
  74. Trudy Danso
  75. NaturallyMichelyn
  76. Ashlee Janelle
  77. Adessy (Life + Advice)
  78. Guye B
  79. Bronzegodess01
  80. Blakizbeatyful (Natural hair + lifestyle)
  81. Mini Marley (Natural Hair + Travel + Family)
  82. Shahd Batal (Fashion +Maleup/Hair)
  83. TJ Davidson (Cooking)
  84. Jovahn the dream (Leadership, Life Goals)
  85. Akushika (Natural Hair)
  86. BeingNeiicey (Natural Hair)
  87. Issarae (Webepisodes Overload)
  88. Toughloveseries (Where have you been? Series)
  89. NdaniTv (Shows Upon Shows)
  90. Fatima Farmer (Life Coach, God + Natural Hair)
  91. Breeny Lee (Fashion + Spirituality)
  92. BeautybyGee (Makeup)
  93. Abeeutifullife (Vlogger + Family)
  94. Monique James
  95. Lizlizlive (Fashion + Natural Hair)
  96. Manifesting Meadow
  97. Ope and Ayo (Marriage Advice)
  98. Daye La Soul (Natural Hair)
  99. Muchelleb
  100. Manda Panda
  101. Ukafrolista
  102. Aye Ciara
  103. Nickella Bian
  104. Felicia Meadieu
  105. Aysha Abdul (Makeup)
  106. Button Poetry
  107. Miss Valarie (Natural Hair)
  108. Grace F Victory
  109. Love Layefa (Advice + Natural Hair)
  110. Ambrosia Malbrough (Natural Hair + Fashion)
  111. Chanel Ambrose (Fashion, Advicer)
  112. Chary Jay (Natural Hair)
  113. Chinutay A. (Makeup & Hijab)
  114. Brown-E Life
  115. Byron Talbot (Cooking)
  116. CertifiedCocoa
  117. Chanel’s House
  118. Chizi Duru
  119. Chloe Kitembo
  120. Claudia Owusu
  121. Dadouchic
  122. Dimma Umeh
  123. Stella Boateng
  124. DiscoveringNatural
  125. Donedo
  126. Dorcas Shola Fapson
  127. Epitome of Beauty
  128. Esther Salimon
  129. Eydely WorshipLivingGod
  130. Fatu Madina
  131. FullyRawKristina (Healthy Eating)
  132. Fyecurls
  133. Get Bare Before God
  134. Ghana Goddess
  135. Girl Defined
  136. GlamEtsy
  137. Goldcoastdebuty
  138. Gratsi
  139. Habiba Da Silva
  140. HazedstyleK (Fashion)
  141. Hodan Yusuf
  142. Homeveda (Remedies)
  143. Human the movie
  144. IdaraJoy (Hair + Life)
  145. ijeomauna
  146. Iknowlee (Natural Hair)
  147. ItsJosieB
  148. Jamie and Nikki
  149. Jay and Nessa (Relationship + Dancing)
  150. JayHairBigga (Natural Hair)
  151. Jefferson Bethke (Marriage + God)
  152. Jennifer Olaleye (MakeUp)
  153. JoyNavon (Make + Natural Hair)
  154. Juicesandberries
  155. Kelsey Janae
  156. Kezia Eniang
  157. Kymberli Brenzell
  158. latifatumi
  159. LenizaEvy
  160. Lisa Aidoo
  161. Livedeeplyrooted (Relationships + God)
  162. Lizzie Oladunni
  163. Love Shar
  164. lovelyanneka
  165. makeupbycoco
  166. Mama Daye
  167. Manda Panda
  168. Marcelle Adrianna
  169. MDNiftyTV
  170. MissT1806
  171. Missy Lynn
  172. Mona B.
  173. MonicaStyle Muse
  174. MsVcharles
  175. My Natural Sistas
  176. MyAfricanFoodMap
  177. .MyCurlyArmy
  178. Jasminerose
  179. MyFrugalFinds
  180. Nadia Freeman
  181. Nana and Obie (Natural Hair)
  182. Nana Ashanti
  183. Naomi Owusu (Natural Hair)
  184. NaturallyPhilo (Natural Hair)
  185. NaturallyTemi (Natural Hair + Makeup)
  186. NaturalMe4c
  187. NaturalRose
  188. Nellah Grace
  189. Nessa Dee (Natural Hair)
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Bronzegoddess01 (Fashion, God + Strawberry Letters)

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A new #Lookbook video went up on YouTube sharing some Summer #outfit inspiration for my 9-5 gals [Direct Link in my Prof.]

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