Start Reading!

Education doesn’t end in the classroom. The month of April is almost over. What book are you currently reading? So for me, I am reading “Through The Eyes Of A Lion” by Levi Lusko. He shared his testimony while I attended Hillsong Church. It was a blessing and it led me to purchase his book immediately. I bought his book in November 2016 and I’m now reading it. Why? Well I was in college. Though I read while in college, I didn’t get to read this precious book. I’m almost finished. It’s a sad book but yet contains so many nuggets. The books enlisted are the ones I’ve read for the past three months. I’m getting my book ready for the Month of May. God is doing a new thing. My word for this year is Consistency. I will stay focused and not lose sight of what God is doing in my life and around me. It’s very important for us to read. There’s always something to learn when we expand our horizons. You learn so much through other people’s experiences. You don’t always have to wait to be in the situation to have knowledge on how to approach it. There are people who have been through the trials we have faced. They don’t write to share their experiences just for the sake of it. They write to help us when we are also faced with a similar trial. Many times, we can take reading for granted. We don’t value it. If it’s not a requirement for a college assignment, we don’t consider it to be a priority. As a child, my father would always take us to the library to pick up a book. He always taught me the importance of having a dictionary. When you don’t understand a word, look in the dictionary. When you read, you enhance your vocabulary. Though, I don’t always pick up a dictionary, I google the word to get the meaning. I admit that they have been times when I just overlook the word but for the most part, I carry the words my father taught me as a child. So my suggestion for you today is consider reading a book every month, If you haven’t started, it’s not too late. Look for a book on Amazon or pick up a book at your library. Join the fun and adventure :).

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Learn To Cook


Learn to cook. Your mother and father won’t always be there. Don’t wait for someone to prepare a meal for you. You were blessed with hands that can do the work. If you want to eat, be prepared to cook what your mouth is hungry for. A farmer doesn’t wait for anyone to plant the seed. He does his part. He waters his own and blesses the village with the fruit of his labor. Ladies, learn to cook. Men, learn to cook. My mother always says as a man it’s good to learn to cook so that no woman will bluff you. There’s no excuse in this day and age. There are so many resources out there for you to learn unless you are lazy. Your laziness will not feed you . You will find yourself ordering food always. Start now and you will get somewhere. My mother always say “cooking is art. Your food is not perfect. There’s always something to learn. When you go to someone’s house and they are making stew, learn from them. If you like their version add what you learn to your own. Don’t think those who are chef’s today didn’t start somewhere.” Cooking is a journey of creating, experimenting and learning. If you don’t know how to cook, I hope you learn. Start by looking at Youtube videos, watch your mother cook or even take cooking classes. Below are a few dishes I’ve prepared and captured. 




  1. Chicken Alfredo (Before the sauce was added)
  2. Seasoned Chicken for the Alfredo
  3. Plantain Chips
  4. Pineapples
  5. Chicken, Spinach/Mushroom Pasta
  6. Eggs
  7. Chicken Light Soup With Spinach
  8. Spinach Stew
  9. Barbeque Chicken
  10. Pie (Before Going Inside The Oven)
  11. Pie (Finished Product)
  12. Kenkey (Preparation)
  13. Kenkey (Finished Product)
  14. Waakye (On Stove)
  15. Gari Foto
  16. Waakye (Finished Product)
  17. Plantains (Preparation)
  18. Plantains (Finished Product)
  19. Waakye + Oxtail Stew + Fried Plantains + Gari Foto




African Fabric Stores

Picture I took while in Ghana 🇬🇭

Are you in love with African Fabrics but don’t know where to purchase the fabric? I don’t know about you but I know I love me some African Fabrics. If I can have a closet full of clothes, I will have one tailored to just African clothes. So in today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you all where you can purchase African Fabrics in New York City. These are a few places I love. If I visit anymore places, I will share but for now these are the best places for great deals.

Blikis African Fabric

47 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001

AKN Fabrics INC

1239 Broadway #507, New York, NY 10001

Yara African Fabric

2 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027

Holland Textiles

3037 Third Ave, Bronx, NY 10455

African Fabrics Depot

11 E 183rd St, Bronx, NY 10453

OWA African Market

1666 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Fabrics USA Inc.

344 W 38th St Suite# 503, New York, NY 10018


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Happy Independence Ghana

Image result for ghana flag

Happy Independence Day to all my Ghanaians all around the world. I hope all of you are enjoying this day. There is so many things I love about Ghana. In this blog post, I will share some thing I love/dislike about Ghana. First off, I love the hospitality of my people. People are very friendly and helpful for the most part. Second, I love our culture/food. Let’s not even start with all the finger licking foods. You will eat and be licking your fingers. The taste of fufu and fresh light soup with chicken on the side. Some waakye with stew/boiled eggs/fiend plantains/talia and shito (pepper). Of course some jollof rice with rich salad/chicken. When it comes to the food, hands down yummy to the yummy. You won’t get tired of trying new delicacies. When it comes to what I don’t like about Ghana from visitation, the gutters and the government. The smell of the gutters is displeasing. You can be walking about 10 minutes and you can smell the gutters from afar. Yes, every country has it’s own issues but this is something that can be fixed. There is no reason why feces/urine should be thrown into the gutters. This is all part of sanitation but I don’t blame them much because it’s due to lack of education. You won’t go to another country and do that but when you return to your own land, you don’t apply what you learned because your accustomed to that behavior. When it comes to the government , there’s so many things that can be done. It saddens me to see student complete University but yet still can’t find a job. The rich are getting richer and the poor are selling peanuts on the roadside to make ends meet. Ghana is a beautiful country. Inasmuch as there’s improvement that needs to be made, it’s still a peaceful country. It brought be so much joy to simply see children walk around the block having fun. People are struggling but the joy they have is so unexplainable. Home sweet Home. Oh how did I forget about the blazing heat? Chai, it’s so hot in Ghana. Charle it’s no joke at all. If you have air condition in your house, you are blessed. The heat will have you taking a shower at least three times. Pants sticking to your thighs, sweat upon sweat after walking a long while. Besides that, Ghana is sweet. You will enjoy it. If you can go to Ghana this year, go. There is so much to experience in one trip.

Akan Names

Sunday: Kwesi, Siisi, Akwasi, Kosi;
Akosi, Akosiwa, Así, Esi, Kwasiba.

Monday: Kwadwó, Adwoa, Kodjó, Kojo, Jojo, Cudjoe;
Adjua, Ajwoba, Adjoa, Adjowa

Tuesday: Kwabená, Abena, Komlá, Komlã, Komlan, Kabenla Kobby, Ebo, Kobi, Kobina

Wednesday: Koku, Kokou, Kweku, kaku, Kuuku;
Akú, Ekua, Akua, Kwaku

Thursday: Yaw, Yao, Yaba, Yawo, Ekow, Kow, Kwaw;
Ayawa, Baaba, Yaaba, Aba, Yaa

Friday: Kofí, Afua, Koffi, Fiifi, Yoofi

Saturday: Ato, Kwami, Kuwame, Kwamena, Kwamina, Komi;
Ame, Ami, Amba, Ameyo, Kwame, Ama, Amma

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Home Essentials 102

Two white tables joined together in a clean white room with a sofa

Right back at it. Today’s focus will be on the Bedroom/living room area/miscellaneous parts of our homes.

Bedroom Essentials:

  1. Pillows
  2. Bed
  3. Lamp
  4. Curtains
  5. Air Refreshner
  6. Sheets/Comforter
  7. Alarm Clock
  8. Mirror
  9. Chair/Desk
  10. Hangers
  11. Mattress Pad
  12. Flashlight
  13. Extension Cord
  14. Teddy Bears
  15. Slippers
  16. Picture Frames
  17. Light Bulbs
  18. Dust Pan
  19. Carpet
  20. Floor Mat
  21. Tissue Box
  22. Telephone
  23. Television
  24. Books/Magazines
  25. Lotion

Living Room Essentials

  1. Sofa
  2. Curtains
  3. Wall Art
  4. Framed Pictures
  5. Statement Rug
  6. Cushions/Pillows
  7. Table Lamp
  8. Television/Stand
  9. DVD Players
  10. Telephone
  11. Plants
  12. Computer
  13. Coat Rack
  14. Drapes
  15. Cable Box
  16. Movies
  17. Blankets
  18. Wall Decor
  19. Candles
  20. Vacuum

PC: Breather

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Home Essentials 101


Have you moved to your new apartment but don’t know what to buy for your new space? Well then, this blog post is for someone like you. First off, congratulations on moving in. In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on the essentials for the kitchen and bathroom. If that’s alright with you, let’s get right to unpacking.

Bathroom Essentials:

  1. Bath towels
  2. Carpet/Rug
  3. Toothbrush (Holder)
  4. Tooth Paste
  5.  Shower Curtain/Hooks
  6. Trash Can
  7. Bath mat
  8. Bath Soap
  9. Lotion
  10. Gloves
  11. Nail Clipper
  12. Band-Aid
  13. Good Lightening
  14. Shampoo/Conditioner
  15. Lysol Wipes
  16. All Purpose Cleaner (Ajax, Bleach)
  17. Plunger
  18. First Aid Kit
  19. Toilet Tissue Holder
  20. Toilet Brush
  21. Tiles Spray
  22. Bath Scrubber
  23. Razor
  24. Bath Robe
  25. Slippers
  26. Deodorant
  27. Air Refreshner
  28. Sponge or Loafer
  29. Hand Wash
  30. Wash Cloths
  31. Swabs (Q-Tips)
  32. MouthWash
  33. Broom
  34. Back Brush
  35. Hair Dryer
  36. Towel Holder
  37. Pain Reliever (Advil Liquid Gel/Tylenol)
  38. Mirrors
  39. Face Scrub
  40. Sponge Holder (Caddy)

Kitchen Essentials

  1. Paper Towel Holder
  2. Blender
  3. Utensils
  4. Whisk/Spatula
  5. Trash Can
  6. Measuring Cup
  7. Plates/Bowls
  8. Kettle
  9. Zip Loc Bags
  10. Plastic Bags
  11. Hand Mixer
  12. Microwave
  13. Toaster / Toaster Oven
  14. Dishrack
  15. Dish Towels
  16. Sponge / Sponge Holder
  17. Ice Cube Tray
  18. Water Pitcher & Filters (Brita)
  19. Potato Peeler
  20. Beverage Opener/Corkscrew
  21. Can Opener
  22. Hand Towels
  23. Oven / Fridge
  24. Fridge
  25. Sauce Pans/ Omelet Pan
  26. Plastic bowls/utensils
  27. Magic Bullet (Smoothie Blender)
  28. Cutting boards
  29. Aluminum foil/Wax paper,
  30. Plastic Wrap/Parchment paper
  31. Oven Mitts
  32. Mugs/Placement Mats
  33. Coffee Maker
  34. Spices (Marinate that chicken)
  35. Napkins
  36. Coasters
  37. Table/Chairs
  38. Dish Soap
  39. Snacks/Food
  40. Broom/Mop


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Basic 101: Etiquette

Basic 101

For starters, we will start off by defining what etiquette means. According to, etiquette is defined as a “conventional requirement as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.” The purpose of etiquette isn’t to put on a show or to prove that anyone is better in any way. I believe that when someone has an understanding of basic etiquette, they won’t feel awkward when they are in a social event or even while having a conversation because they will be familiar with the topic. Etiquette starts at home. There are many things you won’t learn until your disgraced in public.

Places where etiquette can be beneficial.

  1. During an interview
  2. At dinner with your coworkers
  3. Date Night with your partner
  4. Having a conversation with your teacher
  5. Dinner With Your Girls

Social Etiquette Question:

When should you start eating?

  1. As soon as you are served
  2. After everyone is served
  3. When the waitress tells you to start eating.

What should you do with your knife and fork to signal that you have finished eating?

1. Place your utensils next to each other, on the tablecloth, above your plate.

2. Lay the knife and fork across your plate with the handles at four o’clock.

3. Position your utensils on your plate so that the knife and fork form an “X”.

Is it important to be on time for dinner, interviews, or other events? Yes or No

Though this answer is yes, many people have a problem with arriving on time for anything. Its takes 30 seconds to make an impression. Being late to important events makes you unreliable.

Basic Manners

  1. Say Please & Thank you: This may seem like common sense but not many say please or thank you these days.
  2. Learn To Apologize: When you do something to someone, say sorry. If you aren’t aware of what you did and they bring it to your attention, try to make amends with that person.
  3. Ask Questions: If you have a question concerning something, don’t be afraid. Sometimes, the question you want to ask is most likely what someone wants to also ask.
  4. Say Excuse Me: It doesn’t hurt to say excuse me when your walking and someone is standing in the way. Say it in a polite manner.
  5. Respect Yourself: If you can’t respect yourself, no one will respect you either. My mother always says “The way we carry ourselves plays a role on how people will treat us.”
  6. Listen: When someone is talking, take the time to listen. Don’t jump into conclusions. Allow them to finish. If you have an input on what they are saying, find a way to speak to them.
  7. Return Things When Borrowed: This is a very big deal especially when your friends lend you money or anything in general. Don’t take their kindness for granted.
  8. Clean Up After YourselfDon’t expect anyone to clean up after you. If you go to the bathroom, flush the toilet. Clean up the sink after brushing your teeth. Leaving toothpaste inside the sink isn’t cute. Take out the garbage. Wash your dishes. Don’t wait for anyone to do it. Always check your surroundings.
  9. Wash Your Hands: This seems like it’s common sense but not everyone wash their hands. That’s why sometimes you can’t eat from certain people because they aren’t clean. Wash your hands. I can’t stretch it enough 🙂
  10. Close Your Mouth While Eating: Lol sometimes, the food is so good but i’ve learned that no one want to see what’s inside your mouth.
  11. Open The Door For Others: Though this may seem like it’s common sense, not many people do it anymore. Yes, some people may not say thank you, but never let that stop you from opening the door when you can.
  12. Focus when people are talking: Give them your attention. Don’t be on your phone. It’s very rude. Allow them to open up to you. If you can’t give them your undivided attention, don’t that from them.
  13. Stand Up For The Elderly: If you are sitting on the bus or train and you see an elderly person, be kind in giving up your seat.
  14. Don’t Put Your Foot Everywhere: Especially when your on the bus or sitting waiting at the hospital. Keep your foot where it belongs (on the floor).
  15. Smile: 🙂

There are so many etiquettes out there, but these are just a few. I hope these were helpful to you. Have a lovely day 🙂