Travel Checklist

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Whether your traveling for the first time or the tenth time, it’s always helpful to have a checklist to guide you on what items to bring because let’s be honest, we have all forgotten something while traveling and we had to purchase it at the airport or at the country or site we are residing at which ends up being an arm and a leg at cost. So in this blog post, I will like to share some tips as well as things to bring with you while traveling.

  1. Purchase a luggage. With that in mind, it is very crucial that you purchase a luggage that is lightweight. Some luggages are heavyweight that even when you don’t have much in your suitcase, it may appear as if you packed so much.
  2. Get everything situated with your passport and visa. First-time Adult Passport Book: $110 + $25 for acceptance fee = $135 . With the visa fees, it all depends on where you are traveling. If you will be staying in an hotel, get things situated. Have all the necessary numbers you may have to dial.
  3. Most airports, allow two luggages and a small hand luggage as well as a carry on bag life a duffle bag or a backpack.
  4. When it comes to your small hand luggage bag, it is very important that you place materials such as a toothpaste, travel size mouthwash, face towel and basic things you will need when the plane lands at your destination. You want your mouth to feel fresh. You two luggages won’t go inside the plane with you but your hand luggage as well as your backpack or handbag will go inside the plane with you.
  5. In your luggages, make sure there aren’t any water bottles because the airport security, will ask you to throw it away. These items are not allowed in the airplane. You can bring travel size bottles but other than that, you may be asked to throw your items away. If you don’t want to grow through this hassle, please be mindful of what you place in your luggages. You can carry snacks to eat on the plane. Feel free to purchase snack because you may not like the food that is served on the plane.
  6. Bring an ID with you just in case if there are any rising issues about your identity. This happened to my mother so I don’t want that to happen to you.
  7. Make sure to leave your house on time for check-in. Traffic can delay you from reaching your destination on time. If your flight is at 3pm, I will advice that you leave your house at least 2 hours before time to give you time to sought things out such overweight of luggages and other issues that can arise.
  8. When it comes to packing, it is wise to pack things that you will need. That doesn’t always happen because we want to be on the safe side so we overpack but this isn’t always good. For instance, if you are traveling to another country, you might want to bring back certain things you loved from your stay but due to you overpacking, you may not have space to bring back certain things. If your luggage is overweight, charges will be made. When it comes to weighing, it is good to weigh your luggage at home to be on the safe side. It is better for your luggage to be underweight than overweight.
  9. It is very important to also check the weather for the country or state you are traveling to that you can bring the proper clothing wear for your stay.
  10. Wash your hands. Be alert wherever you go. Ask questions as a tourist. Have fun. Create memories. Enjoy every moment of your vacation.

A bright interior with a potted plant and a hat, a pair of sneakers and a shirt on a hanger Clothing List

  1. Underwear/Boxers
  2. Pants or Shorts
  3. Bra
  4. Socks
  5. Comfortable Shoes*
  6. Dresses
  7. T-Shirts
  8. Sweatpants
  9. Pajamas
  10. Sweater

Basic Needs (Must Have’s)

  1. Passport
  2. Deodorant
  3. Shampoo/Conditioner/Pomade
  4. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash/Floss
  5. Towel
  6. Shaving Stick
  7. Perfume
  8. Phone + Charger
  9. Slippers
  10. Lotion
  11. Nail Clipper
  12. Tissue
  13. Q-Tip
  14. Lip Moisturizer
  15. Makeup/Wipes
  16. Facewash
  17. Sponge/Bath Soap/Body Wash
  18. Camera
  19. Comb/Brush
  20. Sunscreen
  21. First Aid Kit
  22. Jewelry
  23. Toilet Tissue (3-4)
  24. Mosquito Medicine (Tablets)
  25. Insect Repellant
  26. Imodium (Diarrhea Tablets)
  27. Hand Sanitzer
  28. Cleaning Wipes like Lysol/Wet Wipes For Hands 🙂
  29. Book To Read
  30. Ipod/Charger
  31. Luggage Locks
  32. Small Flashlight
  33. Gum
  34. Zip Lock Bags
  35. Pads
  36. Water Bottle (Empty)
  37. Journal/Writing Utensil
  38. Gloves
  39. Ear Buds
  40. Umbrella
  41. Medication With Doctor Consent*
  42. Money
  43. Light Jacket
  44. Keys
  45. Sun Shades

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope this post was helpful unto you. Feel free to share with your friends and their friends. Until next time, stay blessed & lovely 🙂

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