CurlFest 2017

What is Curlfest? It is a festival where women/men of all race/nationalities come together to celebrate their roots. My experience: Yesterday was actually my first time at CURLFEST. It took place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY.  I went with my sister’s friend. Upon arriving, we had to find a parking spot which took a while […]

Dance Into The Light

What are your plans for today? Will you be cooking? Chilling in bed or hanging out with your friends? The days go by so quickly that sometimes I can’t help but ask myself where it all went? Even though the days go by so quickly, its always a joy for me when the weekend arrives. There’s […]

Hey everyone. Just stopping because by it’s been a very long time since i stopped by on this blog. I have two  blogs so sometimes, i tend to forget this one. My other blog is Christ focused. I share my walk with Christ and etc. If you’ll like to check out my other blog, it’s […]