Adventures In Ghana 🇬🇭 #3

The joy of being home. Ghana, my heartbeat.


My final weeks in Ghana was really tough for me. The pain of leaving my family behind was really hard for me but it brought me so much joy to be able to see them after 16 years. God is so Good. If I can be there right now, I would love to be. I believe that everyone should at least visit an African country once or even more in their lifetime. There is so many things I loved about being in Ghana. I loved the joy it brought me to see my family and the chance to meet my other brother for the first time. I love him so much. Words can’t even explain it. It was so hard leaving but I know that there is a time for everything. I cried so much leaving but I carried so many memories of my time in Ghana. The picture above was taken in Tema while spending time with my brother. 


Man riding a horse


There was a woman selling icecream. I didn’t want anything but my brother asked me to try it. It was actually really good 🙂


Monday Blues




Children walking back from school. 


Little kids just being themselves. Enjoying their childhood.




Plants in our family house. 




Tema: Boys Walking Back From Church


If only you knew how I was craving these peanuts. I tried to describe it but no one knew what I was talking about until one day my family and I were in the car heading home. There we saw a woman selling peanuts and my aunt said that those were the peanuts I was talking about. I tried it while in the car, couldn’t help but to capture a photo of it. Apparently they are boiled peanuts. As I child, I really enjoyed eating these peanuts. It brought me back so many memories of living in Ghana.


While sitting in the taxi on our way to Makola, I saw  a few school girls heading back home.


This is Makola Market. The busiest market I have every stepped foot on since birth. The hustle is real. You will walk a lot so it’s best that you wear a comfortable shoe. It’s extremely crowded. You must know what you are looking for before coming because then you most likely will get frustrated and want to go back home. It’s advisable to come along with the someone who knows the language and can bargain or you will spend all your money.


A few days before departing from Ghana, I got the opportunity to visit my cousin’s school. There I was given the chance to take pictures of kids with the teacher’s/administrator’s permission. Unfortunately, I will not be able to share all the photos because of  protection of the children’s identity.






I had a wonderful time capturing the kids and having a conversation with my cousin while at it. 


The kids wanted me to capture more pictures of them but I had to go. My taxi was waiting for me outside. 


Afternoon Delicacies: Yams & Fish/Shito (Pepper)




On my last day in Ghana, I was blessed with the opportunity to dine with my brother and family and friend at Azmera Restaurant. I mean just take a look at the food. I know sometimes, looks don’t mean a thing but the food was good. Well, for the most part what I got. Overall, my trip to Ghana was amazinggg. I can’t express the joy and the peace I felt while being in the Motherland. Home is home and there’s no place I’ll rather be. I thank God for making it possible after 16 long years. 2017 was phenomenal. My time came at traveling and your time will also come. If I can travel to Ghana every year, without a doubt I will go. With this being said, whatever you are trusting God for, know that your time/miracle is around the corner. Continue to seek God in all that you do. 

I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who stops by my blog to read my posts. I hope you have been inspired and have taken something away whether it be a lesson or admired a picture. I’m truly grateful. It’s always a blessing to share things with you all. I must also say that this has been the year that I have been consistent with my blog. I started this blog March 6th, 2015. It isn’t always easy writing but I told myself that this year, I will be consistent and I did my best with sharing with you all. I hope to be even more consistent in the year right around the corner. Cheers to what lies ahead of us in 2018. 🙂

Sending you light, love & many of God’s blessings your way. Muaah 🙂

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Adventures In Ghana 🇬🇭 #2

Home is where the heart is: Ghana, my heartbeat.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African Proverb


Week 3: On our way to the Art Centre with my favorite family taxi driver. He makes the trip worthwhile. 

Our trip to the art centre was quite interesting. We got to the shop approximately around 4pm and most of the store were closing. My aunt was looking for a specific store were she usually purchases bags for a reasonable price. The art centre is located on High Street/28 February Road,  the National Center for Cultural Arts. It is the place to go in Ghana’s Central Accra to purchase good quality artwork. According to my aunt that place is usually best for tourists but their items can be quite expensive compared to Makola. It’s advisable to go there with someone who knows the place well and who speaks the language. It helps in negotiating the prices. The art centre is crowded filled with so many vendors. What attracted my eyes the most was the colors of the fabrics, slippers and key chains being sold. I really loved it but you have to be wise when it comes to spending your money. You must not shine your eyes bright and reach for money on everything you see. 

On our way back home, I saw this sign board that said “Stop Aids, Love Life” Abstain from sex or Be faithful together or Condom use every time: The choice is in your hands. As a Public Health graduate, I was astonished to see this in Ghana. I love how they were promoting safe sex.


Following day: My cousin were headed to drop our clothes at the seamstress place. Before crossing the street, I saw a Trotro and I decided to snap a photo. I took the trotro at least 8 times while I was in Ghana. Very interesting experience.


That afternoon, we went to Makola Market. I mean just take a look at these African fabrics. They are beyond lovely. It took me a while to select the fabrics I wanted to purchase.

While sitting in the car, I was able to capture a few pictures of little children walking back from school in their uniforms.

Pictures of people working and around the neighborhood. The yellow gallons are used to fetch water. 


Coconut for days. This picture was also taken while in the car (windows rolled up). This was in front of someone’s store/house.


Streets of Accra


While purchasing phone credit with my cousin, I saw satchets of Milo, Cowbell and other chocolate drinks hanging outside the store. So most of the store in Ghana are mostly homes. The back is the house and the front is the store. You can be driving and you will see that there are many shops selling the same thing.



Boys & Girls walking back from school. 


Rooted In Soil


Brother & Sister Walking back from school.


I got the opportunity to visit the Christianbourg Castle in Osu. I went with my cousin to explore this castle. Apparently this was one of the castles the slaves resided. Unfortunately, the Christiansburg Castle is not open to walk-in visitors. We only went to the castle because my aunt had a friend who worked there. We weren’t allowed to use phones and cameras but because my aunt’s friend was with us, it was permitted. I really wanted to go to Elmina Castle but it was four hours away from Accra and due to time, I didn’t get the opportunity to visit while on my trip.


The view of Jamestown seaport from the Castle. 


Afterwards, we walked over to the Osu Beach with our tour guide (my aunt’s friend). The feel of the cool breeze and the calming sound of the waves brought so much peace to my soul. I just wanted to write a poem while walking on the sand.



Faraway view of the Osu Beach

The next stop for the day was the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum (Memorial Park). I really enjoyed my visitation at the park. I actually learned a lot about Ghana’s first president. When we first arrived, we were just walking around but someone informed us that there was a tour guide. We went to a certain area in the museum and we were given a tour guide which was extremely helpful. The tour guide gave us a history of Kwame Nkrumah and also showed us pictures of our president. One thing I loved about the tour guide was that she was friendly and educative. She knew her stuff from the back of her hand to the front.


After our tour, my cousin and I alongside with our taxi driver walked around the music. I usually carried a bag with Bible verses inside. I asked the taxi driver to pick one from the bag and this was the one he picked up. This is an encouragement for someone. God loves you 🙂


Entrance way to the museum but at this point we had already toured the park.

Children carrying children. Student walking back from school.


Until next time, stay blessed & lovely.  You are loved & appreciated. Be you, always.

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10 Things To Know While In High School

“Eva Black

Hey :). I hope your’e all doing well. I don’t know if any of you are still in high school but I’m sure you know someone who is still in high school that can benefit from this blog post. Tell your friends and their friends. Alright, let’s get straight to the point.

  1. Get to know yourself. The journey doesn’t stop once you leave high school but it’s very important that you take time to know yourself.
  2. Surround yourself with like minded people. Understand that not everyone is your friend. You will realize that you were only friends with these people because you guys had similarities and either had classes together. Birds of the same feather flock together so be careful of the crowd you follow.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Things happen for a reason, but learn from your mistakes.
  4. Don’t compare yourself with those around you whether they are your friends or classmates. Everyone is raised differently.  Just because someone is wearing a name brand accessory doesn’t mean you have to do the same. I never had Nike’s. My parent’s couldn’t afford to buy me name brand goods. I was grateful that I had something to wear. Learn to be content with what you have.
  5. Apply to the colleges of your choice. It’s okay if you have to attend a community college before a 4 year college. Honey child, it saves you some money. Just because your classmates or friends are attending a four college doesn’t mean anything. Do what is best for you.  Let’s be honest. If you want to travel out of state for college, please take the time to really think about the expenses and loans you will be taking. Will it all be worth it at the end? Are you trying to go out of state because your tired of living with your parents and want your freedom? Please do take the time to think about the decision your’e making. Apply to a lot of scholarships. Whether you win some of none, you tried and that’s what matters.
  6. Have a personal relationship with God. It’s not all about going to church and sitting in the pews. I’m not saying don’t go to church. Go but don’t let that be a substitution of spending time with God. Don’t go because mama or grandma is forcing you to go. You may not realize it in high school but you will soon realize that it’s important to have a relationship with God. Take time to pray every day. Attend Bible Study. You are never too young to spend time with the Lord.
  7. If you can find a job while going to school, do so. Save up your money. Don’t spend it anyhow. Be wise about the way you spend your money.
  8. Focus in your classes. Appreciate your teachers. Some of the lessons they teach in class can help you once you leave high school. Take high school seriously. Learn to get to school on time. Not being punctual in life can rob you from certain opportunities.
  9. Get involved in extracurricular activities. Volunteer. Write your resume. Ask your teacher’s for advice in regards to college or etc.
  10. Have fun in high school. It goes faster than you think it will.Don’t isolate yourself. Make friends but understand that everyone you come across paths with in this life is for a purpose far beyond your understanding. Make the most out of your high school years. Take pictures. Encourage your friends/classmates. Create memories. Live. Love. Laugh. Be you always. 🙂

“Design By Was / @designbywas

Write It Down, Make it Happen

A simple and effective guide to turning your dreams into reality by taking matters into your own hands, filled with down-to-earth tips and easy exercises.In Write It Down, Make It Happen, Henriette Anne Klauser, PhD, explains how simply writing down your goals in life is the first step toward achieving them. Writing can even help you understand what you want. In this book, you will read stories about ordinary people who witnessed miracles large and small unfold in their lives after they perf...:
It’s that time of the year for me. Happy New Year to you all. I hope your first week of the year is coming along well. So why am I here? Well, I wanted to share a book with you all. I came across this book almost 4 years ago through BronzeGoddess01 on Youtube. If you know me, Youtube is where I watch and get most of my information from. If you don’t know who BronzeGoddess01 is, please check out her channel. I bought this book in February 2013 after watching her video. I read it and it was a blessing. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book:
Turn your dreams into reality by taking matters into your own hands.

“In Write It Down, Make It Happen, Henriette Anne Klauser, Ph.D., explains how simply writing down your goals in life is the first step toward achieving them. Writing can even help you understand what you want. In this book, you will read stories about ordinary people who witnessed miracles large and small unfold in their lives after they performed the basic act of putting their dreams on paper. Klauser’s down-to-earth tips and easy exercises are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Before you know it, you’ll be writing your own ticket to success.”

Reflection: First, I got a notebook and started writing my goals and other things including people I wanted to meet in this life and places I wanted to go. Just yesterday, I picked up the book to look at it and I just smiled. I’ve accomplished and got the opportunity to go to certain places and meet different people. For instance, in 2015, I wrote down that I wanted to meet one of my favorite poets and in 2016, it happened. I met one of them. Her name is Ijeoma Umebinyuo. On March 2016, I also got the chance to meet Lupita N’yongo. I also got the chance to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge with my friend Kwame on our first time meeting. Honestly, today is January 8th, 2017 and I’m about to get ready to make my list. I got the opportunity to go to different restaurants in New York City and that was something I wrote down. It may seem like this is something you can do but honestly not everyone has a job or can afford to visit new restaurants. This was a challenge and a stretch but I’m glad I was able to do so. I’m overjoyed because writing down and making it happen process has been a blessing. Write it down but also believe and make an effort in making your dreams come alive. In the Bible, there’s a similar verse written in Habakkuk 2:2.

Even the word Bible tells  us to write it down and make it happenn...Habakkuk 2:2. Vision Board 2014:
So what next? It’s time for you to purchase a journal and start jotting down your short/long term goals. Write them down in bullet form, in any way you like as long as you can read it. I can’t wait for you to look back months and years from now and smile. Look back at all that you have accomplished. See this as an adventure. Tell your friends and their friends about it. Write it down. Start somewhere. Believe in your heart. Have faith. Step out in boldness and watch it happen.
So I’ll leave you with this message below. Dream big. Turn your dreams to reality. Breathe, Awake, Water Your Garden & Allow it to Bloom. The best is yet to come.
The Secret Meanings Behind Your 30 Favorite Flowers: