Gentle Reminder 📌

Everyday is an opportunity to tell others about Jesus. Days like these serve as a reminder for me to never stop telling others about One who saved me and who takes joy in pursuing His children daily. We are living in a very sensitive time and it’s not the time to be silent. When you avail yourself to the Lord, He will use you for His glory. The assignment is not about you. It is about Jesus! You are the vessel! Make room and let Him have His way. There’s a time and season for everything but we as believers must know the season. So today, I went to the computer lab. While there, a young girl walked in but the computer that she was trying to use wasn’t working so I just told her that she can use mine. She came to print out some papers but interestingly enough the printer wasn’t working and just then we started having a conversation. She told me her name and it just marveled me because it was confirmation of the name that Holy Spirit has been highlighting to me since August. So the Holy Spirit has been highlighting the name “Esther” so heavily. I go places and while there I will meet people by the name of “Esther”. I will see the name “Esther” plastered on the wall and etc.

The girl that I met at the computer lab, her name was Angie. For some reason, I asked her if that was just her name since people sometimes have nicknames. Just moments after, she said her name is Hadassah. Hadassah is also known as Esther. Her name alone led to another conversation and it just overflowed and before I knew it, she broke down in tears. I was just encouraging her to run the race and to seek the Lord always. We spoke for a while and it was just a precious moment. And I couldn’t help but cry when she said these words “I really needed to hear these words today”. Moments later, another guy walked in from Columbia and that was just another precious moment. What was so amazing was that they were both Hispanic and they were pursuing the same degree. I will be here forever in telling about this joyous moment but I’m reminded that we must continue to preach the Gospel and encourage one another to journey intentionally with the Lord. God has positioned us in different places for a purpose. When we avail ourselves for the Masters use, He will have His way with us. You may not know what to say but Holy Spirit will speak through you. Holy Spirit, just always has a way of make His children smile. Today was just among one of the glorious days of putting a smile on my face. Sweet Holy Spirit ❤️

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. May you be encouraged to tell others about Jesus. Encourage others! Pray for others. God bless you 🙏🏿.


3 thoughts on “Gentle Reminder 📌

    1. Dawn, you said it best. When we make ourselves available, God will surely use us. He wants to use His children but many aren’t sensitive to the Holy Spirit and get carried away with every day life. May God help us. Thank you for taking the time to read and sharing your thoughts 🙏🏿🤗🙌🏿.

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