Book Of The Month

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What have you been reading? Before the year started, my goal was to read at least one book every month. I started this challenge last year. I enjoy reading different novels but I love books that are educative. It isn’t easy to read a month every month when you have so much to do but if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. So I’m sure you have seen this book or have heard about it. To be honest, when this book released, I wasn’t hyped. It wasn’t until I attended a church service/workshop with them. They were guest speakers at a church and my friend wanted to attend. Friend: “It’s not everyday your going to see Meagan Good and Devon Franklin”. So we attended the church service and it was a great experience. Afterwards, we got the opportunity to meet them personally. There was where I purchased my book. They signed it and we took pictures with them. They were nice and their presence lightened up the entire room.

I met them 2016 and I’m now reading the book. It’s better now than never at all. At the time, I was in school. Let’s be honest, when your in college, you don’t have so much time on your hands at all. So now that I’m out of college, there aren’t any excuses since I’m still looking for a job. I know I will find one by God’s grace. For now, just trying to be productive in the season that I am in. I started this book yesterday. So far, so good. I’m also reading another book with someone by Rick Warren: A Purpose Driven Life. That has been an interesting read by far. There’s always something to learn from someone’s experience. If you are reading a book this month, please feel free to share.

Here is my book read for the month of January.

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If can purchase this book, go right ahead. It was a blessing. I found out about Priscilla Shirer through a friend while in college. She would share her sermons with me and even recommended me one of her books by name of “The Resolution For Women”. To be honest, I started this book last year and I’m close but not almost to finish. I will definitely finish this book this year. You can also check out a movie she starred on called “War Room”. I hope it will be a blessing to you as it was to me.

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Here is a link you can watch it on. Until next time, stay blessed & encouraged 🙂

















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