Adventures In Ghana 🇬🇭 #2

Home is where the heart is: Ghana, my heartbeat.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African Proverb


Week 3: On our way to the Art Centre with my favorite family taxi driver. He makes the trip worthwhile. 

Our trip to the art centre was quite interesting. We got to the shop approximately around 4pm and most of the store were closing. My aunt was looking for a specific store were she usually purchases bags for a reasonable price. The art centre is located on High Street/28 February Road,  the National Center for Cultural Arts. It is the place to go in Ghana’s Central Accra to purchase good quality artwork. According to my aunt that place is usually best for tourists but their items can be quite expensive compared to Makola. It’s advisable to go there with someone who knows the place well and who speaks the language. It helps in negotiating the prices. The art centre is crowded filled with so many vendors. What attracted my eyes the most was the colors of the fabrics, slippers and key chains being sold. I really loved it but you have to be wise when it comes to spending your money. You must not shine your eyes bright and reach for money on everything you see. 

On our way back home, I saw this sign board that said “Stop Aids, Love Life” Abstain from sex or Be faithful together or Condom use every time: The choice is in your hands. As a Public Health graduate, I was astonished to see this in Ghana. I love how they were promoting safe sex.


Following day: My cousin were headed to drop our clothes at the seamstress place. Before crossing the street, I saw a Trotro and I decided to snap a photo. I took the trotro at least 8 times while I was in Ghana. Very interesting experience.


That afternoon, we went to Makola Market. I mean just take a look at these African fabrics. They are beyond lovely. It took me a while to select the fabrics I wanted to purchase.

While sitting in the car, I was able to capture a few pictures of little children walking back from school in their uniforms.

Pictures of people working and around the neighborhood. The yellow gallons are used to fetch water. 


Coconut for days. This picture was also taken while in the car (windows rolled up). This was in front of someone’s store/house.


Streets of Accra


While purchasing phone credit with my cousin, I saw satchets of Milo, Cowbell and other chocolate drinks hanging outside the store. So most of the store in Ghana are mostly homes. The back is the house and the front is the store. You can be driving and you will see that there are many shops selling the same thing.



Boys & Girls walking back from school. 


Rooted In Soil


Brother & Sister Walking back from school.


I got the opportunity to visit the Christianbourg Castle in Osu. I went with my cousin to explore this castle. Apparently this was one of the castles the slaves resided. Unfortunately, the Christiansburg Castle is not open to walk-in visitors. We only went to the castle because my aunt had a friend who worked there. We weren’t allowed to use phones and cameras but because my aunt’s friend was with us, it was permitted. I really wanted to go to Elmina Castle but it was four hours away from Accra and due to time, I didn’t get the opportunity to visit while on my trip.


The view of Jamestown seaport from the Castle. 


Afterwards, we walked over to the Osu Beach with our tour guide (my aunt’s friend). The feel of the cool breeze and the calming sound of the waves brought so much peace to my soul. I just wanted to write a poem while walking on the sand.



Faraway view of the Osu Beach

The next stop for the day was the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum (Memorial Park). I really enjoyed my visitation at the park. I actually learned a lot about Ghana’s first president. When we first arrived, we were just walking around but someone informed us that there was a tour guide. We went to a certain area in the museum and we were given a tour guide which was extremely helpful. The tour guide gave us a history of Kwame Nkrumah and also showed us pictures of our president. One thing I loved about the tour guide was that she was friendly and educative. She knew her stuff from the back of her hand to the front.


After our tour, my cousin and I alongside with our taxi driver walked around the music. I usually carried a bag with Bible verses inside. I asked the taxi driver to pick one from the bag and this was the one he picked up. This is an encouragement for someone. God loves you 🙂


Entrance way to the museum but at this point we had already toured the park.

Children carrying children. Student walking back from school.


Until next time, stay blessed & lovely.  You are loved & appreciated. Be you, always.

Copyright © 2017 Karen Owusu

All rights reserved.


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